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About Us

Random is such a wonderful word. A twin set of succinct syllables so pregnant with possibility. Ponder with us a little if you will...

An act of kindness is lovely thing, but a random act of kindness seems so much better. Kisses from strangers on grand nights out, the chance encounters that turn acquaintances into friends, the infinite series of life's events that have led you here to this moment, reading this text, all lovely and random.

It is with this rose-tinted worldview that this website has been created. Our catalogue encompasses a very very varied range of products, all aimed at celebrating the remarkable randomness of life. A seemingly rudderless flotilla of mental meanderings, all neatly shoved on clothing.

Our ethos is simple. Randomness is beautiful. We aim to continually add wonderfully random designs to these pages, to create a vast cannon of grand and random wonderments. So far these include:

Weew! Loads more products to be added soon, we really hope that you like what you see!

Company History

Random Badge Emporium began life some 5 years ago in a tiny office above a pub in sunny South East London. From such humble beginnings our crew are chuffed to see how far we have come. We now have a much larger workshop and fully equipped print studio all of our own, a huge & growing customer base that we hope you would like to join, and bellies full of warm tingly feelings each day we spend at the office.

Having opened up our virtual doors by trading on a number of online auction sites we have built our business steadily, one customer at a time. As well as our online activities we have had stalls at Greenwich & Portobello Markets in London as well as at numerous local events and shows.  We pride ourselves on our products and service and will always endeavour to help with all of our customers needs. We'd very much like to thank anyone that has ever handed us a buck, we greatly appreciate your patronage.

Who Are We?

The team so far comprises a trio of toply talented types:-

Philip is the office manager and signs all the invoices and such, go Phil! He enjoys cheesy snacks and is partial to the odd group hug.

Mike is the team's multi-disciplined print expert with a wealth of experience seemingly in excess of his youthful posture and rugged good looks. He enjoys obscure electronica of the Germanic variety and would love to have dinner with Geoff Travis.

Ian is part man, part Wacom tablet, all disco ninja. His imaginings shall be splattered all over this site in due course, an irregular design Frankenstein in the making.

For further information on all our goods and services please see our FAQs. To contact us please drop us a line through our Contact Form.